Sunday 13 December 2015

Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Dream of quitting your job & packing a 60L backpack full of dry shampoo but not sure you can convince anyone to do it with you? No worries, you don't need them, you got this.

Taking the plunge and booking yourself a one way ticket to somewhere cliché yet exotic could be the best decision you ever make. Here are some of the reasons why you should (politely) say no to that friend-of-a-friend's-friend who wants to tag along.

1.       You can do what you want

The best way to travel is simply to wing it. I mean, sure, do all your research beforehand, but, don't be that person who's booked all your flights and hostels for the next 3 months. I promise you'll regret it. Travelling on your own means that you have the freedom to fall in love with places and extend your more time there, change your route halfway through and embrace your own highlights.

2.       You’ll push your comfort zone to the max

I'm not going to pretend that the first hostel dorm you arrive at on your own isn't scary. It absolutely is, for about 2 minutes. By then you'll have surprised yourself by how friendly other travellers are and most of all, how confident you are/seem! Look at you, just 2 minutes ago you thought you'd end up wandering Asia like some Tom Hanks Castaway reject, but, your confidence has already grown and so has your Facebook friends list. Time and time again you'll surprise yourself by how many scary things you can achieve.

3.       You can travel according to your own budget, not someone else’s

This is equally important whether you're on a flashpacker or shoestring budget. Want to splurge on that sky dive? Rather spend £1 on a street food dinner over a sit down meal? That's cool, when you're travelling on your own you just do you.

4.       You’ll avoid all the drama!

Travelling is probably as close to living the dream as it gets, but, don't be fooled into thinking that mean's it isn't stressful. All those super early mornings and unbelievably long bus journeys can make you cranky. When you've spent months (sometimes even weeks) with the same people, arguments aren't just likely, they are guaranteed. Me? I'd rather spend my time travelling the world without the playground spats.

5.       You’ll get to know yourself. Truly

This one needs no explanation, right?

So, there we have it, my top reasons why travelling solo is an absolute must. I guess the most important thing to add is, the amount of time you actually spend on your own is entirely down to you. You WILL make friends everywhere you go, you'll just have the freedom to get everything you want out of your trip without answering to anyone else. I know that sounds selfish, but, it really is the only time in your life you'll get away with it! 

In the words of two of my travelling faves Dave & Wilf "#nocommitmentsnoregrets" (and yes, the hashtag is important!)


  1. Honestly, you have such a pretty looking blog. Your writing is interesting too! I discovered you when you liked one of my pictures on instagram. Keep up the good work.

    1. This is honestly so nice of you to say - thanks so much lovely xxx

  2. Thanks so much for this article! I'm planning to do my bucket list and I will start it this March. I'm excited with the thought that I am going on a solo trip for the first time. I super excited to explore San Francisco attractions as I have heard a lot about this city.

    1. I'm so jealous!!! Have the most amazing time! What's on your list? xx


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