Tuesday 17 November 2015

New blogger "Essentials"

As a new blogger, today's post is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek insight into all the things I've told myself I need in order to run a successful blog (but know I don't really!)

1. Cannon 700d. I confess, I have no idea whether this camera is any good, or how to use it, but, it's a DSLR and it has a FLIP SCREEN. I think I need it.

2. Olivia Burton The Hackney (Black and Gold). Okay, this is beautiful. I don't need it to tell the time though, I have a phone for that. What I really need is to use it as a prop whilst I take a picture of a blusher, obvs.

3. Cacti because did I tell you I'd started a blog?

4. Apple Macbook Air. I know this isn't essential, I know I can blog from a PC buuut I do genuinely think I need this in my life. It really is at the top of my wishlist.

5. Paper Rifle notebook. All the notebooks. Especially those with flamingos on.

6. Washi tape. Those plain backgrounds have never looked so good.

7. The Marble Tray. I capitalise the letters there because this infamous H&M beauty deserves it.

8. Copper basket. To put stuff in and then take photos of my handiwork. You know, like Lush bath-bombs.

Tell me, what are your non-essential essentials? x


  1. Ok I'm confused.......did you only start in October this year?! Girl this blog is awesome. It's so cheerful looking at pretty. But the content is pretty awesome as well. My fave post was via the bloglovin lifestyle - but your post on "How to be Happy (for real)" totally understood the 'for real' part. Why didn't I comment on that post....probably because I'm going through all your posts trying to catch up on all the 'DellaBella' stuff.......but my fave thing you mentioned in this list was probably the Copper Basket!! YES PLEASE. Just know that I'm feeling all your other posts but I'll only comment once, maybe twice ALRIGHT 3 MAX!!

    1. This is just the nicest comment imaginable. Thank you SO much lovely xxxx

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